ELA K-2 Summary of Alignment & Usability

The instructional materials for Bookworms Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 partially meet expectations of alignment. Materials fully support students' developing literacy skills in the critical foundational areas, providing explicit and comprehensive support for students as they grow from learning to read to building comprehension of texts. Materials provide guidance and support for teachers to ensure targeted instruction. The materials meet expectations of Gateway 1 with high-quality, full length texts included that are rich and rigorous, offering students a balance of informational and literary reading over the course of the school year. Materials provide ample questions and tasks in reading, writing, speaking, and listening that are grounded in evidence.The materials for Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 partially meet the expectations of Gateway 2. Texts are organized to support the critical, essential needs of students building knowledge of different topics and growing vocabulary. High quality sets of text-dependent questions and tasks provide opportunities for students to analyze ideas within and across texts. The materials include some support for a progression of writing skills, a progression of focused shared research and writing projects. There is some guidance for students' independent reading, although teachers may need to provide additional support in these areas. 

ELA 3-8 Summary of Alignment & Usability

Bookworms Grades 3, 4, and 5 instructional materials partially meet the expectations of alignment. Suggested texts and text sets are high quality, engaging, and organized to support students' growing literacy skills over the course of the school year. Text-dependent questions and tasks in writing, reading, speaking, and listening are rigorous and include guidance and support for the teacher to implement with students. Foundational skills practice to build students' fluency and comprehension is robust, providing access for students to read different types of texts and to support teachers in accelerating students’ skills. Daily writing tasks are text-specific and offer practice to build component skills in writing and research. The program does not include comprehensive writing support for process writing nor for independent reading, although there are suggested resources for teachers to identify outside the program. The materials do not include consistent culminating tasks over the course of the school year, but do include suggestions for possible outside implementation resources. Materials do include integrated daily work that supports students' growing academic vocabulary as they learn about topics across content areas.