Math K-8 Summary of Alignment & Usability

The instructional materials reviewed for Agile Mind Grades 6-8 meet the expectations for alignment. The assessments at all grade-levels are focused on grade-level standards, the materials devote at least 65% of class time to major clusters of the grade, and all grades are coherent and consistent with the Standards. Grades 6-8 meet expectations for Gateway 2, Rigor and Mathematical Practices. The lessons include conceptual understanding, fluency and procedures, and application, and there is a balance of these aspects for rigor. The Standards for Mathematical Practice (MPs) are used to enrich the learning, but the materials do not always attend to the full meaning of MPs 4 and 5. Grades 6-8 meet the criterion for usability which includes the following areas: use and design, planning and support for teachers, assessment, differentiation, and technology.

Report revised: 3/20/18

Agile Mind made revisions that affected the scoring and reports for Rating Sheet 2, indicator 3h, and Rating Sheet 4, indicator 3u. These revisions also affected the rating for Gateway 3 so that Agile Mind meets expectations for Instructional Supports and Usability.