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Summary of Alignment & Usability: Reveal Math Traditional | Math

Math High School

The instructional materials reviewed for Reveal Math Traditional meet the expectations for alignment to the CCSSM for high school, Gateways 1 and 2. In Gateway 1, the instructional materials meet the expectations for focus and coherence, and the instructional materials show strengths in attending to the full intent of the mathematical content contained in the high school standards, spending the majority of time on the CCSSM widely applicable as prerequisites, letting students fully learn each non-plus standard, engaging students in mathematics at a level of sophistication appropriate to high school, and explicitly identifying and building on knowledge from Grades 6-8 to the High School Standards. In Gateway 2, the instructional materials meet the expectation for reflecting the balances in the Standards and helping students meet the Standards' rigorous expectations by giving appropriate attention to procedural skills, conceptual understanding, and applications. Also in Gateway 2, the instructional materials meet the expectations for meaningfully connecting the Standards for Mathematical Content and the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Usability (Gateway 3)
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