Since EdReports released its first reviews five years ago, the materials landscape has changed dramatically, especially in the area of technology. District questions have evolved from ensuring materials could be accessed on older browsers and versions of operating systems to detailed questions about interoperability, compatibility, security, support, and digital design. These questions have become even more important during the pandemic as districts assess what instructional materials may work best in their communities not just in-person, but also remotely and in hybrid settings.

Access to high quality instructional materials by all students is more important than ever, and technology plays an essential role in that access. To help provide technology information for materials that are standards aligned, EdReports has requested information from publishers to help consumers better understand the digital design and capabilities of their instructional materials. You may view the information collection template by downloading the document. 

EdReports is seeking the most accurate, descriptive information about curricular products. We are not evaluating quality or desirability, but documenting features in materials to empower local schools and districts with information to select materials that will work best for them given their technological capabilities and instructional vision.

EdReports will begin releasing completed templates on a rolling basis early summer 2020. 

Key Terms to Better Understand Remote Learning and Education Technology