In 2018, EdReports began to review a number of Florida state-specific titles. Below, you’ll find information about this work and what it means for ensuring all students have access to high-quality instructional materials. 

Why We’re Reviewing Florida Materials
At EdReports, it’s our mission to increase the capacity of teachers, administrators, and leaders to seek, identify, and demand the highest quality instructional materials. 

In 2018, we were approached by a group of Florida districts requesting support for upcoming 2019 math adoptions.* The districts understood that independent reviews—focusing on a programs’ alignment to college and career-ready standards—were essential to selecting quality materials for their communities.

The districts valued the power of third party information as part of their adoption process and stipulated that to be considered for adoption, programs had to first be evaluated by EdReports. 

Given this condition, we were in a unique position to provide targeted information to reach the five percent of the student population in the United States that resides in Florida. The opportunity to support districts who believed in the power of great materials—and the potential to impact so many students—spoke directly to our mission as an organization. 

* With the issuance of Executive Order Number 19-32, Florida will be revising its K-12 math and ELA standards. As a result, the state’s math adoption slated for 2018-19 is now slated for 2021-2022. To support Florida districts, EdReports will continue to complete and publish reviews of state-specific titles already underway.

Collaboration with Publishers
EdReports completes reviews of instructional materials on a rolling basis, depending on two factors: the acquisition of materials from publishers and the availability of expert educator reviewers. 

We have been working with publishers to identify, procure, and execute reviews to inform Florida instructional materials adoptions in 2019. An EdReports review takes four to six months, and we are working quickly to produce reviews of Florida editions to provide timely and accurate information to the field. As always, we will not sacrifice the quality of the review for the sake of expedition. Read more about our process.

We anticipate the release of reviews starting in January 2019 and extending through the Fall of 2019. View the complete timeline here

Be the First to Know
If you’re interested in learning more about this project, please reach out to Stephanie Fisher, Director of Mathematics at sfisher@edreports.org. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter so that you’ll always be the first to know when we’ve released new reports or resources.