We know that the last few weeks, particularly in our nation’s schools, have been uncertain and chaotic. You are not alone. Here at EdReports, our staff is adapting to new realities of virtual learning, working from home while balancing childcare responsibilities, and supporting friends and family to stay safe and healthy. 

As we face these unprecedented challenges, we want to support and recognize our educators who are on the front lines of ensuring that students can still receive the education they need to succeed in whatever their future holds. We invite you to explore our interactive 2019 annual report for powerful stories of progress, and the enormous steps forward we have collectively made to improve student outcomes.

As well as celebrating educators’ stories, we’re sharing  a curated list of resources for districts, teachers, and parents to navigate this difficult time. 

We hope you’ll find these supports helpful and will reach out if there are other tools you’d like us to share. Our hearts are with the EdReports community as we stand committed to supporting you today and in the future.

Remote Work

EdReports: Tips and Best Practices for Working Remotely
Hear from our staff about how they navigate a virtual work environment and stay connected to team culture and colleagues.

EdFirst: Making the Most of “Going Virtual” in Response to COVID-19
Read advice for organizations beginning to work virtually for the first time for the safety and health of their communities.

Google: Use These 6 Tips for Better Video Calls While Working at Home
Check out these best practices for ensuring remote meetings and video calls go smoothly.

Homeschooling and Virtual Classrooms

EdReports: Educator Reviewers Share Tips and Best Practices for Virtual Learning
Learn from EdReports reviewers about how they are adapting to school closures and shifting daily learning for students online.

TNTP: Resources for Learning at Home When Schools Close
Explore this curated list  to support students, teachers, and parents for at-home learning.

The74Million: Need Help Sorting Through the Avalanche of Online Resources for Kids Who Are Now Learning at Home? 11 Sites for Parents to Look At
Cindi Williams details the benefits and challenges of potential tools and resources to support at-home learning.

Education Development Center: Making the Transition to Virtual Classrooms
EDC offers strategies for moving from in-person classrooms to virtual ones. 

PBS Teachers Lounge: Distance Learning Tips from One Teacher to Another
Kara Wilkins, a teacher for nearly two decades, breaks down the different resources teachers in a variety of content areas can use while teaching virtually.

National Network of State Teachers of the Year: Curated Resources 
NNSTOY has created a catalog of resources for teachers to support them throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

School System and District Leadership Support

Instruction Partners: COVID-19 Schools Resource Hub 
Explore a variety of tools for schools and system leaders to support student care and continued learning during extended school closures.

EdTech: Factors to Consider When Preparing for E-Learning
Michah Castelo highlights 4 considerations for schools and districts to help ensure a smooth transition to virtual learning. 

The 74 Million: How Schools Are Approaching Coronavirus Plans: Lessons and Advice From One District in Devising ‘a Collaborative Process’ in Drafting a Preparation Guide
Mary Willson shares a suite of resources and advice for districts to support them in engaging their communities as leaders in addressing challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Variety: How PBS SoCal/KCET and LAUSD Launched an Entire At-Home Learning Service in Just a Week
Read more about the virtual learning resources and content provided by PBS SoCal/KCET and the Los Angeles Unified School District