The EdReports Blog

Since 2015, EdReports has worked with over 300 educator reviewers who collaborate with one another to create our reports. These educators are classroom teachers, instructional coaches, and district and state leaders who meet weekly in virtual professional learning communities to evaluate instructional materials.

Often reviewers share with us and each other why they spend hours every week to ensure that districts have the information they need about the alignment and usability of available instructional materials. They share why they believe materials matter so much. We've captured three of those powerful reasons to share with you. 

1. Materials matter because students matter.

Students are at the heart of all the work we do at EdReports. Ensuring all students have high-quality, aligned curriculum is the foundation of our mission. Our partners, our educator reviewers, and our board understand the connection between quality instructional materials and student learning. This connection is also backed by research. A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research showed a significant increase in student learning depending on the materials and lesson plans used in the classroom.

2. Materials matter because empowering teachers with quality curricula magnifies the impact they make in the classroom.

EdReports reviewers come from schools and districts across the country. All are current educators who know personally the effect high-quality materials have in the classroom.

They also know what educators across the country know: that access to strong curricula is critical and not guaranteed. In fact, only 18 percent of teachers strongly agree that their district’s or school's instructional materials are aligned with the standards. 

The impact of materials and their absence in many classrooms is why teachers spend an average of 12 hours a week searching for and creating their own instructional materials. It’s because they know their students deserve the best and that the best materials help inspire a love of learning. 

3. Materials matter because when districts make informed decisions about their curriculum, everyone wins.

90% of districts report identifying or developing standards-aligned materials as a challenge. EdReports.org reviewers are committed to changing this status quo.

Our free, detailed, independent reports are full of evidence gathered over hundreds of review hours. They offer districts a wealth of information on a wide range of programs, enabling district leaders to make the strongest choices for their communities.

The time districts save with EdReports reviews also allows them to invest in professional development and curriculum rollout efforts, so that new materials can be implemented at their highest potential.