EdReports’ founding executive director, Eric Hirsch, recently spoke with EdWeek Market Brief about the impact EdReports has on district decision-making and how companies should prepare for—and respond to—ratings.

Launched in 2014 with a mission to improve education by providing reviews of K-12 instructional materials, EdReports has built strong relationships with educators across the country and is starting to see an evolution in the quality of curriculum. 

To date, we have published more than 70 free reports for math and English language arts programs written by more than 300 educators across 46 states. Our reviews assess whether a program meets, partially meets, or does not meet expectations for criteria such as the depth of standards alignment, planning and support for teachers, assessment, differentiation, and technology use and design. 

Hirsch shared with Market Brief:

“We have heard, unsolicited, from over 500 districts that have utilized our reviews as they’ve selected and implemented materials. That represents over 7.6 million students. Sixty-one of those districts are in the top 200 largest districts in the country. Several of them have started saying in their RFPs that they will only consider materials reviewed by EdReports.

More than three-quarters of a million unique visitors have accessed our reports. And in a random sample national survey in 2017-18 of 4,000 school leaders by the RAND Corporation, 26 percent indicated that they had heard of EdReports—and of those, 36 percent indicated they used EdReports to identify, select, and implement instructional materials.”

This level of attention and detail has spurred education companies to pay closer attention to what they’re putting on the market.

Hirsch said: “We have heard directly from 21 publishers and counting who have told us they’ve used our evidence to improve their instructional materials. We all want to do best by kids.

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