What percent of the instructional materials market has EdReports reviewed?

By the end of 2018, EdReports published reports for 98 percent of the known English language arts market and 93 percent of the known math market. Of the materials we have reviewed: 

  • 49 percent of the ELA market meets expectations for standards-alignment
  • 27 percent of the math market meets expectations for standards-alignment 

Estimates are based on data from a RAND nationally representative survey┬╣ of ~15.6K teachers in 24 states, where teachers responded to the prompt, Which of the following curricula, programs, and/or instructional tools do you use regularly (i.e., once a week or more) in your classroom this school year (2017-18)?

Even though nearly half the ELA materials and over a quarter of the math materials we have reviewed meet expectations for standards-alignment, these materials are not finding their way into classrooms to support student learning.

Explore our presentation on EdReports instructional materials market share in early findings from the RAND American Teacher Panel.

The RAND Corporation, The American Educator Panels (2017-2018) Retrieved from: https://www.rand.org/education-and-labor/projects/aep.html