ELA 3-8 Summary of Alignment & Usability

SpringBoard English Language Arts instructional materials for grades 6, 7, and 8 partially meet the expectations of alignment. The core texts included are high quality, appropriately rigorous, engaging to students, and organized by thematic and conceptual elements over the course of the school year. Students have many opportunities to read broadly and deeply through independent reading and in-class text assignments. Year-long writing instruction provides students guided support over the course of the school year so students get practice writing on-demand and multi-draft texts. Research projects and practice with language standards are consistently supported over the course of the school years.Some questions and tasks are text-dependent, requiring some evidence from texts, but they are inconsistently applied in the rich texts under study. Sequences of questions do not consistently support completion of rich culminating tasks that grow knowledge and allow students to demonstrate deep understanding of the texts. There is a structure to develop students' vocabulary, but words are not consistently used in context and mostly are centered around literary and writing terms in service of writing exercises. Speaking and listening protocols are implemented over the school year so students get practice with multiple types of presentation and collaborative work, but these activities and tasks are not consistently text-dependent.