Math K-8 Summary of Alignment & Usability

The materials reviewed for Grades 6-8 do not meet the expectations for alignment to the CCSSM. Grades 6 and 8 met the criteria for alignment because the materials devote the majority of class time to the major work of the grade and only assess grade-level topics. Grades 6 and 8 partially meet the criteria for rigor and mathematical practices, because they do not fully attend to the meaning of the mathematical practices. Grade 7 does not meet the criteria for alignment since it does not devote the large majority of the time to cover the major work of the grade, and it was not reviewed for Gateway 2.  Overall, the materials are coherent and consistent with the CCSSM. There are a few times that the supporting work enhances the understanding of the major clusters. The program has many components to give all students extensive work with grade-level problems.