Materials Under Review

Educators are currently reviewing the following titles using our Quality Instructional Materials Tools for K-8 Mathematics, High School Mathematics, and 3-8 English Language Arts. Please use the buttons to the right if you would like to highlight materials for us to review or apply to join our review team. currently reviews year-long instructional materials for K-8 Mathematics and 3-8 English Language Arts. For High School Mathematics, we review collections of courses (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II OR Integrated I, II, III) and are not currently reviewing stand-alone courses.

Series Title Publisher Level Grades Subject
CK12 Flexbook Textbook Middle School 6-8 Math
CK12 Flexbook Textbook High School Traditional Math
Common Core Coach Triumph Elementary and Middle School 3-8 Math
Discovering Algebra (2014), Discovering Geometry (2015), Discovering Advanced Algebra (2017) Kendall Hunt High School Traditional Math
Interactive Math Program (2015) Activate Learning High School Integrated Math
Larson Mathematics Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II (2012) Holt McDougal High School Traditional Math
Meaningful Math Algebra I (2014), Geometry (2014), Algebra II (2015) Activate Learning High School Traditional Math
Middle School Math Solutions Carnegie Middle School 6-8 Math
Ready Curriculum Associates Middle School 6-8 Math