Using EdReports

Our reviewers spend hundreds of hours analyzing instructional materials so that educators from across the country can learn more about which materials are in the market and how well these materials meet our criteria for alignment and usability. We continue to learn more about the ways that districts and teachers use our reports, and will be adding more resources to this section. Please contact us if you have ideas or requests for specific resources.

Webinar: HS Mathematics Reviews

Webinar: 3-8 ELA Review Process and Inaugural Results

Key Terms Throughout the Review Tool and Reports

Indicator: Specific item that reviewers look for in materials.

Criterion: Combination of all of the individual indicators for a single focus area.

Gateway: Organizing feature of the evaluation tool that combines criteria and prioritizes order for sequential review.

Alignment Rating: Degree to which materials meet expectations for alignment, including that all standards are present and treated with the appropriate depth to support students in learning the skills and knowledge that they need to be ready for college and career.

Usability: Degree to which materials are consistent with effective practices (as outlined in the evaluation tool) for use and design, teacher planning and learning, assessment, differentiated instruction, and effective technology use.

About the User Forum

Our goal is to create a space where educators can share their own experiences with the reviewed materials to provide real-world classroom context. We invite educators to share their views, notes, and ideas to extend the information from the reports with educator input. There are no doubt instances where teachers have modified or supplemented materials in the classroom, and sharing this insight can improve how teachers use and select instructional materials. We request that educators post only in the grade-level reports on materials they’ve personally used. Additionally, educators can read others’ posts and note which are helpful.

At this time, the User Forum is linked to individual title reports, i.e., there is a User Forum for each title report/grade-level review.

Directions to post in the User Forum:

  1. Hover on “Reports” in the top navigation menu. Click on “Find Reports”.
  2. Choose a title series with which you have experience. Choose the title and grade level and click on “Read the Report”.
  3. Click on “User Forum” at the top in the blue section.
  4. Create an account – this asks for your name (use a name that you want displayed with your posts) and email address.

Webinar: Results of Instructional Materials and Common Core Alignment Analysis

Watch the March 4, 2015 release of the findings from our K-8 math instructional materials analysis.