eAlerts | February 10, 2016

New reviews of four K-8 math series (15 grade-level reports) are now available on the EdReports.org website. Educators from across the country worked diligently, using our rigorous methodology, to analyze these materials and provide high-quality evidence that will support classrooms nationwide. We are both grateful for and proud of the work that our reviewers have completed.

We look forward to publishing another 40 reports from 8 additional K-8 math series later this spring. As always, these reviews will include the detailed evidence reports developed by our Educator Review Team members.

None of the materials included in today’s list fully met our criteria for alignment; however, reviewers documented positive evidence in several grade levels that can benefit teachers and students. Below is a summary of our findings, and we encourage you to dig into the detailed reviews available on the website.

Glencoe 6-8 (McGraw-Hill) Both 7th and 8th grade met our criteria for focus and coherence, but did not meet our criteria for rigor and mathematical practices. Grade 6 partially met our criteria for focus and coherence, but did not meet our criteria for rigor and mathematical practices.

MathLinks 6-8 (Center for Mathematics and Teaching) Grade 8 met our criteria for focus and coherence and partially met our criteria for rigor and mathematical practices.  Grade 7 partially met our criteria for focus, coherence, rigor, and mathematical practices.

Springboard 6-8 (College Board) Grade 8 partially met our criteria for focus and coherence, but did not meet our criteria for rigor and mathematical practices.

Connecting Math Concepts K-5 (McGraw-Hill) None of the materials met our criteria for focus and coherence.

Please see below for more updates and stay tuned for more K-8 math reviews, high school math reviews and ELA reviews over the coming months.  As always, please contact me with any questions or suggestions for how to improve our work and hit our mission to increase the quality of materials nationwide.

Eric Hirsch


Executive Director


In the Classroom and the Field

Did you know that over 125 districts have used our reviews of K-8 math materials to inform their adoption decisions? We love hearing how our reviews have supported educators in making this important decision. If you have used our reports or have other ideas for us please email Lauren Weisskirk, our Director of Partnerships and Strategy: lweisskirk@edreports.org.

We know that our reports are helpful as people make decisions about what to purchase. We also have heard about ways educators are using our reports to complement their own experience with materials in the classroom. We’d like to hear from you. We’ve launched a user forum on our website where educators can share their experience in order to help other educators who are thinking about or already using these instructional materials. A link to a user forum for each grade level of every series reviewed can be found when looking at the individual report.

Our Review Team

Reviews are underway for K-8 math, high school math, and 3-8 ELA materials. Please see the lists of K-8 and high school math materials under review. The math teams have their materials in hand and are now reviewing and gathering evidence, meeting weekly to come to consensus on scores and compiling evidence for final reports.  We anticipate launching our inaugural high school reviews in late spring.

The ELA teams just beginning their materials reviews are comprised of 45 educators with over 500 years’ experience teaching ELA. They are excited to provide the field with the same high quality information available in our math reviews.

We hear time and time again that our educator reviewers are driven by the knowledge that their reviews directly support districts, teachers, and publishers seeking aligned, quality instructional materials. As teachers, coaches, and district- and state-leads, they know the value of being able to access information to make the right content decisions for their students.  Hear directly from some of them about how they hope their work can inform and improve the field:


And we need to hear from you. If you’re interested in becoming a reviewer for K-12 math and ELA. Please apply here and share the opportunity with the talented educators in your network.

Don’t blame Common Core for publishers’ lousy textbooks

By Kevin Mahnken

JANUARY 21, 2016


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