Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

Post Date: Mon Sep 24 00:00:00 UTC 2018

The Chief Academic Officer (CAO) will play an integral strategic and leadership role both for the academic team/office and for the organization as a whole. Ultimately the CAO leads the organization’s efforts to create educator-led, evidence-rich reviews in K-12 mathematics and English Language Arts, and its expansion into reviews of other areas including science, interim assessments, and personalized learning. The CAO provides strategic thought partnership and systems support to subject matter-expert-directors of content, ensuring continuous improvement and refinement of reports, and the coherence of and calibration across an efficiently, effectively functioning academic office. Informed by this work, the CAO will also help shape organizational strategy and direction with the Executive Director, COO and CSO, particularly around academic endeavors, new lines of service and new opportunities for revenue & investment.

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